Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Siem Reap International Airport

In late 2010, new Siem Reap Int'l airport was a hot story in local and international medias. The new airport is expected to cost $1 billion and be finished in 2015. Company behind this huge project is NSIA, a joint venture between Camco Airport Co. and Lees A&A Co, both are Korean firms. The new airport will be built 50 kilometers from the existing one and will be large enough to allow larger aircraft in.

Media also reported that the proposal has been green-lighted by Cambodia Development Council but awaits Prime Minister's approval. So far, we have not received any updates about the progress of this project.

Projects Cambodia would like to show some photos we got from SAMWOO Architects and Engineers, Korean company which was commissioned to design this new airport.

Do you think this project will be built? 

Siem Reap International Airport in Cambodia

Siem Reap, Cambodia
Transportation, Hotel, Convention Center, Commercial
15 Stories
Winner, International Design Competition, 2009
Keun Jeong Architects & Engineers Inc.
The Angkor Wat of Cambodia as a representative of the World Cultural Heritage has been in steady growth in tourism and the air travel demand is expected to increase. Considering the impact on the Angkor Wat by the operations of the existing airport’s runway, the necessity of construction of the new airport has been raised. The airport design is considered as the gateway to Cambodia, and reflects the appropriate image of Angkor Wat. Cost saving can be accomplished through the smooth and reasonable step-by-step plan of construction to respond to the rapid growth in air traffic demand. With the difference of the topographical level, the APC regional plan can reduce the amount of civil engineering about 333,600m2. By the difference of PTB(Passenger Terminal Building) level and the
APC(Airport Plaza Complex) level, an hierarchy of facilities is naturally formed.
(Original Text from  SAMWOO Architects and Engineers)
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