Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mekong Renaissance

Today, we have a post on another exciting urban skyscrapers project. We found it on GDS architects website. We do not have much info about this but we know that the developer is BIG Brothers Investment Group Co., Ltd. The project will be constructed in Phnom Penh city, somewhere along Mekong river but we don't know where is the exact location. We're sorry for the pictures because we captured from its flash-fomat website.

Do you know where?


Project info: 
Name: Mekong Renaissance
Developer: BIG Brothers Investment Group Co., Ltd
Area: 1300 Ha
Year of completion: 2020
Description: Mekong Renaissance is a large masterplan for the expansion of Cambodia's capital, Phnom Penh. Beginning with dredging and erosion control, the project sited on reclaimed waterfront land of the Mekong river. Program consists of a trade center/convention center, mix-use/u.e.c, marina, government complex, civic/hospital, residential, media zone (there is a word in front of media zone but we are not able to read it), educational, recreation, light industrial manufacturing/free economic zone, temporary and permanent port facilities. 

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