Saturday, January 21, 2012

Angkor 3D animation

This is amazing animation created by Monash University and the University of Sydney. The movie tells the stories of how people in the ancient time live and the city looks like in that time. 

All rights go to Monash University, being the creators of this amazing animation, based on factual studies and findings.
In this clip you will view:- City of Temples - Village Shrine - Residential - Living City - Major Canal - Waterways - Central Angkor - Rice Fields.
These animations depict what we know of landscapes and daily life at Angkor in 13th Century CE. Animations created collaboratively by Monash University and the University of Sydney. The Monash animation team would like to thank Roland Fletcher, Christophe Pottier, Martin Polkinghome and the Monash Faculty of IT. Also a big thank you to National Geographic for the Angkor Exhibition on the website and monthly issue.

(Youtube Description)

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