Monday, January 23, 2012

A medical centre made from plastic bottles

When it comes to 21th century, people start to care about the environment as the world natural resources have been decreasing noticeably. Researchers have been working hard to find new alternative resources. While researching works on new alternatives are undertaking, reusing recycling and renewing method is also being used. Treak Village Medical Centre is a good example for this method. 

Treak Village Medical Centre is a project of a Cambodian non-profit NGO, HUSK for communities, formed by the owners and senior manger of The Villa Siem Reap and Sojourn. The medical center main wall construction material are plastic bottles in which green waste and wet rubbish are put. The plastic bottle is called Eco Block. According to HUSK website, the idea of Eco block is invented by Pura Vida.

The wall of this medical center is made by bounding the Eco blocks between layers of chicken wires which are attached to the metal frame. They use concrete up to 3 layers of cement mixed with sand to apply to the outside of the bottles. Process of making the wall is easy and the Eco block is green and cost efficient.
How do you think about this idea? Have you considered building your house with these Eco blocks? 

For more info please go to Husk Website.
Thank Inari Virkkala from Komitu architecs for providing photos and information.

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